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Keanu Reeves’s Newest Endeavor? Book Publisher!

Matrix trilogy star, Keanu Reeves is one the founders of a new publishing company called X Artists’ Books. Along with the other co-founders Alexandra Grant and Jessica Fleischmann, their aim is to create a publishing house that celebrates artistry. The LA Times reports, X Artists’ books publishes unconventional, interdisciplinary and collaborative artists’ books.


It is a company that looks to provide different outlooks on art. By not concentrating on a solo art form, X Artists’ is proud to say that can draw people in by providing different views of poetry, photography, and design.




Image via Xartistbook


Having met in a dinner party, Reeves and Grant were well acquainted before they started X Artists’ Books. Grant even helped Reeves with two books Ode to Happiness and Shadows which were published by a German-owned company, Steidl.


To distinguish new art books and picture books, Reeves explains that in children’s books the art is used to tell the story whereas art books are a “one to one experience” with the work. Without being told how to feel or what to see, the audience can develop their own sense of the story within in the painting. The image is enhanced by the text provided next to it.



Image via LA Times


X Artists’ Books’ first two books cost $35 each and between 1,300 and 1,500 copies will be printed. With the examples and illustrations shown, I am really excited to see what lies ahead for this Keanu Reeves new publishing career.



Featured Image via Noizz.hu