Alexandra Grant and Jessica Fleischmann and Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves Starts New Artist’s Press

Along with Alexandra Grant and Jessica Fleischmann, Keanu Reeves discussed the new project at NeueHouse, Hollywood last week.  The Los Angeles Times reported that Grant, who is a visual artist, spoke about how each artist’s work allows them to bring something different to the project. 


“Your job is to read a script and figure out how to embody it,” she said to Reeves. “Mine is to embody text into painting, and yours,” she said to Fleishchmann, “to embody into books.”


Reeves said that the project is about “people coming together with all their talents and creativity.” 


Spread from High Winds

Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times


The project came about after all three artists discovered they had books they were working on in secret. 


“For me,” Grant said, “it’s really exciting thinking how many other creative people have these secret books.”


X Artists’ Books’ first two titles, ‘High Winds’ by Fleischmann and Sylvan Oswald and ‘The Artist’s Prison’ by Grant and Eve Wood, cost $35 each. They reached a print run of 1,300 and 1,500 copies, respectively. 


Each book contains words and text that correspond to one another but do not directly reflect each other. Reeves expressed to the LA Times that unlike picture books where the images are direct responses to the narrative, artists’ books, which may not be narrative at all, are “more developed,” their text and imagery “not quite a one-to-one experience,” but a “launching point.”


This is certainly a fascinating project and we can’t wait to see more from this original press! 


Featured Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Times