Keanu Reeves as Wolverine

Keanu Reeves Really Wants to Play Wolverine

Marvel and Disney, I hope you’re listening. Keanu Reeves, since making his appearance as bad-ass assassin John Wick, has made it incredibly clear he wants to be Wolverine.


Keanu Reeves

If you’re a Keanu Reeves fan, and who isn’t, then this isn’t any new information. In fact, it has been something Reeves has repeated several times. Last month in an interview with BuzzFeed, he was asked what Marvel character, if any, he would want to play. He responded “When I was a kid, I always wanted to play Wolverine. So Wolverine.”

In December of 2018, he was asked whether he would rather play Batman or Wolverine, to which he once again responded Wolverine. Though now that it comes up, Keanu Reeves as Batman sounds pretty epic, too.

Marvel is recasting the role after being bought out by Disney, and it will be interesting to see where that takes us. While Reeves wouldn’t be too much of a change of pace from Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, he would definitely stray from the comic book version of the character. I see no issue with this, and I’m ready to let Reeves take on the role.


Keanu Reeves and Comic Book Wolverine

What are your thoughts? Do you find Keanu Reeves to be the super hero type? Who do you want to see Keanu Reeves play?

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