Katie Couric Discusses New Memoir ‘Going There’ Book Tour

Katie Couric released information on the in-person book tour set for later this year which will accompany her first memoir Going There.

Most everyone is familiar with the woman who hosted seemingly every interview on The Today Show and 60 Minutes, Katie Couric. For many aspiring female journalists, she is an inspiration and an end-goal. In March, she announced her first memoir, Going There, and just today, she released information on the accompanying in-person book tour set for later this year.


Couric’s announcement of an in-person book tour comes as a welcome surprise given the events of this past year. She is hoping that both die-hard fans and general television enthusiasts will want to join her in the discussion of her book. The tour is produced by Live Nation (the same company that presented Michelle Obama’s book tour for her 2018 memoir, Becoming). Tickets will go on sale this Friday, and the tour will begin on October 28 at Boston’s Orpheum Theatre.

While the memoir will focus on Couric’s personal life and over-arching career in the news industry, the public is no doubt looking forward to her comments on former co-host Matt Lauer, who was fired from NBC in 2017 for numerous sexual harassment allegations against him. Couric has discussed how uncomfortable the situation was for her when the news initially broke, and she has since commented saying that Lauer “ultimately turned out to be two very different people.” In addition, she will be discussing her overall time at CBS and her opinions on former NBC Universal President and CEO, Jeff Zucker. Fans are no doubt anticipating reading about Couric’s life behind the scenes straight from Couric, herself, and not from the tabloid gossip that has plagued the industry.



Pre-order Going There from the link today or pick it up from your closest bookstore on October 26. And remember, you can reserve tickets to Couric’s Going There Book Tour starting Friday, June 25.