Kate Walsh Signs onto ’13 Reasons Why’ Adaptation

Kate Walsh, who you might remember as Addison Montgomery (or “Satan’s Mistress”, as she’s fondly nicknamed) on Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, has signed on for Netflix’s 13-part adaptation of Jay Asher‘s taut YA drama-fest Thirteen Reasons Why. We’ve been getting teased about the series for about five years now, but it appears that Walsh’s casting is the final piece in the development-hell puzzle.

Thirteen Reasons Why follows Clay, a shy high school boy who receives a package of cassette tapes from Hannah, his crush and a classmate that recently committed suicide. As he listens to Hannah’s voice on the tapes, Hannah learns of the twelve people whose actions tortured her high school experience and led her to take her own life. As Clay listens through the tapes, he pieces together everyone’s role in her death, and discovers the anonymous person whom Hannah as entrusted to expose the tapes to the school.

Walsh is signed on to play Hannah’s mother. The series is being produced by Selena Gomez – yup, that Selena Gomez – and will also star Derek Luke (RootsEmpire) and Dylan Minette (Goosebumps). In classic tv-show fashion, all is quiet on the set in terms of what else we should expect and when to expect it. All we know is that the series began filming this week and will be released in the distant future…

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