Kate McKinnon Will Voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix Adaptation

Gathering around the television as kids, we knew that PBS had a great number of shows. Not only were they educational, but they had killer opening songs and entertaining content. The Magic School Bus featured a group of school kids travelling around with their eccentric, red-haired teacher, Ms. Frizzle. Clambering into the Magic School Bus,  Ms. Frizzle and the kids would often go on adventures, learn new things, and sometimes get into sticky situations. The show was based on the book series of the same name by Joanna Cole and Bruce Degen.  

It was announced today that Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Magic School Bus will be called “The Magic School Bus Rides Again.” It will be an animated series and Kate McKinnon (SNL, Ghostbusters) will voice Ms. Frizzle!

Image courtesy of Giphy

No date has been announced for the release on Netflix, but we can’t wait! Kate McKinnon will be a great Ms. Frizzle!

Image courtesy of Giphy


Featured image courtesy of Slate