Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s New Book Is the Lifestyle and Planning Guide We All Need

Mother of 2. Award-winning actress. Co-founder of a growing athletic clothing company.


The blonde bombshell, Kate Hudson, is a jack of all trades…and a master of them too!


Kate Hudson

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The bubbly actress, daughter of the talented Goldie Hawn, is about to outdo herself again. October 31st is the release date of her latest book Pretty Fun: Creating and Celebrating a Lifetime of TraditionThe new book is a follow-up to her previous release Pretty Happy. The versatile actress is buzzing about sharing her lifestyle tips for entertaining with a full house.


“Anyone who knows me knows that there’s pretty much an open-door policy at my house,” Hudson tells People Magazine. “Home is a place where people love to come together.”


The star had success with her first book but wanted to share more of her secrets, sprinkled with a little extra love. Cooking, entertaining, and planning are some of the topics covered in her new book. She focuses on a healthy mix of rich and wholesome recipes for what she calls her “pop-up parties,” or her more impromptu shindigs. How to plan, organize, and enjoy your company are also the main focus. “For me, family and friendship in general are a huge part of my overall well-being,” she tells People.


Some of her comfort foods include delicious tacos, football-season treats, and big holiday meals like Thanksgiving. Making her own pies from crust to finish a la mode with her fresh churned ice cream is a tradition she wants to pass on in her new book.


Book cover

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Hudson has also given us a sneak peek at her new book cover that was released this week. The bright photo of the loveable author is a sure sign that this book will be the new and wholesome guide to a lifestyle that we need. Small soirees, easy recipes, and a fun atmosphere are her specialties and she wants to make them ours too. 


“The #1 most important rule,” she tells People, “is that the host should always be having the most fun. It’s the only way to create a relaxed party atmosphere that puts all of your guests at ease.”


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