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Kate Bush, Jeanette Winterson and More Pay an Unbelieveable Tribute to the Brontë Sisters!

As any bookworm would feel, a little Brontë never hurt anybody. And when you’re Kate Bush you know the Brontës are basically like gods. After all, being launched into music stardom at the age of eighteen because of your hit “Wuthering Heights” is no common story. Now, 40 years later and she’s paying tribute to the sisterly dream team all over again.


Kate Bush

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A tribute to last a lifetime will be made by Bush, poet laureate Carol Ann Duffy, Scottish poet Jackie Kay, and novelist Jeanette Winterson. These four women had their talents requested to write a piece of poetry or prose that will be engraved onto the stones lining the eight-mile road near the sisters’ birthplace and family home.


Duffy has Charlotte, Kay has Anne, Winterson has the Brontë legacy as a whole, and, of course, Bush has Emily. The tribute comes at the time of the two-hundredth year anniversary of Emily’s birth as well as the 40th anniversary of Bush’s superb hit. So, to say the timing is just right is an understatement. And Bush obviously agrees.


Emily only wrote the one novel— an extraordinary work of art that has truly left its mark. To be asked to write a piece for Emily’s stone is an honour and, in a way, a chance to say thank you to her.


It will be in July during the Bradford literature festival that the stones will be revealed to the public and the excitement is building with such talent on board. Syima Aslam, the festival’s director, couldn’t believe the luck. “We saw it as such a good fit, but equally we were, ‘she might just say no’. But you won’t know unless you ask…”


Bronte sisters

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Winterson is just as touched and grateful to find her way back to the Bronte sisters having grown up Lancashire and walking through the misty hills.


I read the Brontës and felt their spirit stand by me… The Brontës showed me that hearts beat like mine, that the struggle to know who you are happens across time and generations, and gender… They showed me that writing needs the power of the personal behind it– but that somehow the story one person tells has to become a story many people can claim as their own. And the Brontes are women. As a woman I needed those ancestors, those guides. I still do.


Two hundred years later and these sisters are still with us in everything we do. In the Footsteps of the Brontes will be the title of the event that will take place July 8th between Thornton and Haworth as well as in Bradford.


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