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Karen McManus’s ‘One of Us Is Lying’ to Be Adapted for TV by E!

Karen M. McManus’s new YA novel One of Us Is Lying majorly riffs on the 1985 John Hughes classic The Breakfast Club. However, this time, there’s a murder. McManus’s debut has been on the New York Times bestseller list for five weeks straight, and currently sits in the #2 spot. There are currently 20,000 copies in print and rights have been sold in 20 territories.


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Five students attend detention at Bayview High: the brain, the beauty, the jock, the criminal, and the outcast. However, only four leave alive. McManus said:


I actually got the idea while I was driving and listening to the radio. I think there’s something about having half my brain engaged in a mundane task that kind of gives the other half freedom to roam.


As she drove, the song ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds, which is famously used in the Breakfast Club soundtrack, came on. “I started thinking it would be fun to write an update of that movie, which I loved, but with some sort of a twist,” she said. “And the phrase ‘The Breakfast Club with murder’ popped into my head and it just stuck there.”


From there it has catapulted to huge success, and soon to the small screen. That’s right, Publishers Weekly reported that E! will be developing One of Us Is Lying into a TV show. Fans of The Breakfast Club will no doubt be all set to welcome this. After all, it’s been 32 years.


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