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Kanye’s Twitter Rants to be Immortalized in ‘milk and honey’ Inspired Book

While not exactly the book we were expecting from Kanye West, Uh Huh Honey, will have to do until then. The latest in the trend of Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey parodies, Uh Huh Honey immortalizes Kanye’s tweets with accompanying illustrations by the author Red Gaskell.




Image via Red Gaskell


The book features some of Kanye’s more recent tweets, following themes of creativity and expressing one’s self. 




In the book, Kanye’s inspiring tweets are accompanied by sketches by Gaskell, which he shared on his twitter. 


Image Via Red Gaskell


I got in touch with Gaskell and asked him a few questions about his work, mostly about what inspired him to publish Uh Huh Honey

Kanye’s back on twitter and he’s been waxing poetic about life, creativity, and greatness. Everyone, whether they hate him or love him has been talking about him and his tweets. That was fun and entertaining but I wanted to make something.

When I asked him about if he would produce similar works for tweets from celebrities and political figures like Cher or Donald Trump, he responded with “I don’t know maybe.” 

book page

Image Via Red Gaskell

The book is now available through Amazon  


Featured Image Via People Magazine