Justin Trudeau, Comic Book Star

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, looks buff and ready to fight on the cover of the latest issue of Civil War II. Trudeau is easily recognizable for his welcoming style- and the huge, red maple leaf emblematic of the Canadian Flag garnishes his tank top. He’s surrounded by the Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, as he sits in a boxing ring, presumably waiting to fight. 

Trudeau, who’s approval rating have remained high since he entered office, is the Canada’s leader of the Liberal Party. Vogue wrote an article about Trudeau, explaining his popularity and calling him the ‘New Young Face of Canadian Politics’. Besides his generally agreeing with his politics, people, both Canadian and not, are pretty obsessed with Trudeau. Whether for his exuberant personality and charming smile, or the fact that “unlike his predecessor, [he] celebrated openness and transparency.” 

It comes as little surprise that he would grace the cover of a superhero comic. The setting of a boxing ring makes complete sense- especially since he’s a skilled boxer who defeated a conservative senator during a boxing match for charity in 2012 (yep, that’s the real match below).

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The new issue of Civil War II with special guest Justin Trudeau was released on August 31st. According to NPR, Marvel Comics usually produces two covers for each issue: a variant cover, which is usually of greater value and demand, and a regular one. Trudeau appears on the variant, alongside Alpha Flight, a Canadian super hero squad.

The man behind the Trudeau cover, cartoonist Ramon Perez, commented on his drawing to NPR; “I was going for a little bit of, I guess, a little bit of attitude, a little bit of smugness, like you don’t know if he’s already been boxing for a little bit and he’s going back in, or he’s just starting out and gearing himself up.”

Author of the story, Chip Zdarsky, explained why the Canadian Prime minister is featured in the action-packed story. “It kind of just make sense, like this opportunity to have a Canadian-driven story at a time when Trudeau just keeps making headlines as Canada’s cool prime minister,” he said. Despite their super-power status, “It’s natural [Alpha Squad] would want to seek counsel from the leader of their country…they seek his counsel and then he blows off some steam with Iron Man in the boxing ring.” 

Marvel is consistently creative with their plots and characters- always keeping us comic loving readers on our toes! I would love to see Trudeau reading the comic out loud- or appearing in a live action adaption (hey, a girl can dream).

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