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Junot Díaz Steps Down as Pulitzer Prize Chairmen Amid Misconduct Allegations

Last week, award-winning author and MIT professor, Junot Díaz was confronted by author Zinzi Clemmons, who stated he backed her into a corner and forcibly kissed her while she was a graduate student in his workshop in 2012. What quickly followed was a slew of accusations and allegations from various authors; accusing Díaz of sexual misconduct, assault, harassment, bullying, and violent misogyny. 





In a statement given by the Pulitzer Prize board on Thursday, the allegations against Díaz are being reviewed. In the meantime, he has relinquished his role as chairman on the board; a role he’d just been granted in April.


The Pulitzer Prize board has stated that “Mr. Díaz said he welcomed the review and would cooperate fully with it.” 


MIT has also stated they are taking the allegations against Díaz seriously, and will be leading an independent investigation. 


The Cambridge Public Library has announced cancellation of their annual Summer Reading Kick-Off, featuring Díaz.


Díaz was also forced to withdraw from The Sydney Writers’ Festival, with the festival stating:


 As for so many in positions of power, the moment to reckon with the consequences of past behavior has arrived. Sydney Writers’ Festival is a platform for the sharing of powerful stories: urgent, necessary and sometimes difficult. Such conversations have never become more timely.


The accusations and allegations are still flowing in; each containing nauseating accounts of aggression and discomfort. The writing world has been shaken up by the downfall of such a prolific author. But, the accusations needed to be made in order for victims to get justice.  


The curtain that had long hidden the dark truths of these stories, and protected the men who’ve abused their power, began to fall last October, following the Weinstein accusations and the beginning of the #MeToo movement, and is still only beginning to fall. These stories are sickening and difficult to read, but it’s important we see them and understand that a vital change has begun.


Díaz has yet to release a statement.



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