Julianne Moore to Star in Stephen King’s ‘Lisey’s Story’

Stephen King fans are being spoiled this year! With Pet Semetery out in theaters and It: Chapter 2 fast approaching, another adaptation of the horror master’s work is also taking form. According to AV News, Apple is producing another King adaptation for its own Apple TV+ streaming service. The book adapted will be Lisey’s Storypsychological blend of horror and romance centered around a female protagonist: Lisey Landon.


The cover to Lisey's Story, featuring a red background with the image of a shovel with various images in it

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The book is about Lisey dealing with the death of her husband, a former author with a dark past and some magical powers. The adaptation will star Julianne Moore in the titular role as Lisey. J.J. Abrams and his studio, Bad Robot, will be helping to producce the series. Its unknown when the series will commence production but we hope to see it soon. Might even be worth subscribing to Apple TV+ for!


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Featured Image Via Variety