Julia Alvarez Is Back With Her Newest Novel ‘Afterlife’

Author and poet Julia Alvarez has revealed that her next novel will release in April 2020, and we have a title and plot description.


Julia Alvarez

Image Via AARP


Afterlife will tell the story of Antonia Vega, an immigrant writer dealing with the death of her husband and the disappearance of her sister. Her world becomes more complicated when she meets a pregnant, undocumented immigrant girl and must deal with the fallout of letting her into her home.



The novel will be released by the publisher Algonquin Books, who are thrilled for the book. In a press release, Algonquin expressed their excitement over getting to publish Alvarez’s next work saying, “In this book, as in all Julia’s work, the individual lives she creates reveal how culture and politics impact ordinary people.”

Alvarez shared the same excitement by disclosing her feelings on her great relationship with the publisher. “I’m deeply gratified that the book’s publication allows me to continue my long and happy relationship with Algonquin.”



This will be Alvarez’s first novel since 2006. Afterlife is available for pre-order now here.



Featured Image Via AARP