Josh Hawley Gains New Publisher After Simon & Schuster Cancelled Book Deal

Josh Hawley, the right wing senator from Missouri, lost Simon & Schuster as the publisher for his upcoming book, The Tyranny of Big Tech, after the Capitol attack on January 6th. But, Regnery, “a conservative press, in a deal first reported by the Federalist, a rightwing outlet,” has picked up the book and all the complications it comes with.



According to The Guardian:

The publisher dropped Hawley’s book a day after the attack on the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump left five dead. More than 100 arrests have been made, amid reports some rioters planned to kidnap and even kill lawmakers. Trump was impeached for a second time over the riot, charged with inciting it.

Hawley was photographed raising a fist towards Trump supporters at the Capitol on the day of the riot. Later, with the Capitol in lockdown, he went through with his objections to electoral college results, in support of Trump’s claims the election was stolen, which have repeatedly been thrown out of court.




Interestingly enough, this new publisher is one in which Simon & Schuster “handles distribution for Regnery titles in all markets and territories around the world” and “sales in Canada and export markets.”

You can read more about why Simon & Schuster rescinded their publishing of Hawley’s book in this all-encompassing article.


feature image via USA Today