Jordan Peele Is Working On a New Lovecraftian Show

Jordan Peele came to the spotlight at first through his outrageously funny skit show with co-star Keegan Michael Key. Then he achieved even more success with his amazing horror movie, Get Out. Now, Peele is working on two new shows; both of which were inspired or originally created by horror masters.


The Twilight Zone was among one of Jordan Peele’s biggest inspirations in writing. Rod Serling’s show of incredible twists and satirical plots was amazingly developed with each episode touching on different subjects and topics via macabre short stories. Now, Peele is reviving The Twilight Zone with new episodes of his own.



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Lovecraft Country is the second project that Jordan Peele is working on; something that I am personally hyped for! Lovecraft Country is a book written by Matt Ruff, and now that it is being adapted, both Jordan Peele and Lovecraft fans are elated. There really aren’t that many good Lovecraft adaptations out there; certainly, nothing that would ever be reviewed by critics as five stars. Peele’s writing, as well as a much better overall production over sought by HBO, has amazing potential to finally accurately portray the cosmic horror of H. P. Lovecraft.


The plot of Lovecraft Country has only barely been disclosed, but it is enough to get fans excited. So far, we only know that the setting is placed in the 1950s and the story revolves around an African American family living in the Jim Crow South. Lovecraft’s monsters and deities are said to be the main focuses and antagonists, however, they will also serve to show the conditions of racism during that time period; a premise that was crucially important to Matt Ruffs novel.




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Filming has been going on since July 16, so hopefully we’ll get to watch Lovecraft Country sometime next year. Like other Lovecraft and Jordan Peele fans out there, I’m so excited to possibly see the writer finally bring the Cthulhu Mythos to HBO for a series. I don’t know about you, but I am definitely planning to binge watch the entire thing multiple times once it releases!



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