John Lewis’s Book Soars to No. 1 After Trump Feud

John Lewis is a Civil Rights hero and a current Democratic Congressman of Georgia. He marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, Alabama and spoke at the March on Washington. Lewis was not only thrown in jail repeatedly for protesting segregation and the treatment of African-Americans; his skull was also cracked open by a police officer in Selma and he almost died. Lewis fought for voting rights, and equal rights for African-Americans and is still doing so today. 

Over the weekend, Lewis made headlines as he told NBC News that he doesn’t believe Trump is a legitimate President, because of the Russian hacking, and said he would not be attending the inauguration. Lewis is one of a growing number of Congresspeople who are protesting the inauguration. 

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Lewis told NBC, that if Trump should go to Selma, Alabama, he might learn something. He said that he would not invite Trump to come to Selma, but he should go. 

Donald Trump then took to his Twitter, which he often does (sad!) and said this:


A lot of people have criticized John Lewis for the comments he’s made, but Lewis also protested George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001. A lot more people were critical of Trump’s claim that Lewis was “all talk – no action”. No action definitely isn’t Lewis’s  way. Especially when his action resulted in getting his skull cracked open for marching on a bridge for Civil Rights.

In light of this feud, “March, Lewis’s graphic novel about the US civil rights movement, shot from 451st place in the overall bestseller lists to No 1, while his memoir Walking [with] the Wind: A Memoir of the Movement rose a vertiginous 8,699 places to No 2.” on Amazon, according to The Guardian.


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