John Hamm

John Hamm to Spice Up New ‘Star Wars’ Audiobook

I still tend to associate John Hamm with AMC’s award-winning series Mad Men and all it’s 60s glory.


Now, thanks to Star Wars, the actor is about to have something else on his already impressive resume. 


Hamm will be playing the deadly and dangerous bounty hunter Boba Frett in the new Star Wars audiobook due for release on October 3rd!


'Star Wars'

Image Via Star Wars


From a Certain Point of View will have forty stories touching on every edge of the galaxy. This will be in honor of the 40th anniversary of the original film and Star Wars made sure to have an all-star cast. Neil Patrick Harris and countless other actors will each play a part to bring the book to life. There will also be forty active authors contributing to this anthology, including Meg Cabot, Mallory Ortberg and Kia Liu, all of whom will surely launch it to a galaxy far, far away.


Entertainment Weekly has the details and names here!


Feature Image Via InStyle and Wookieepedia