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John Grisham’s ‘Innocent Man’ Receives Netflix Adaptation

We all love crime documentaries. Face it, whenever there’s a show about a specific murder case, it is we, the true crime fans, who get its rating up; it is we, with our popcorn, cozy blanket and love of all things creepy.


It’s not necessarily the violence of the cases that hooks us. What gets us hooked are the details; the plot twists that unravel a murder case: corruption, misjudged assumptions that cost people years or even their life, and confessions that may or may not be reliable. Well, luck for us, Netflix is blessing us with yet another amazing series, The Innocent Man based on the book by John Grisham.




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Grisham’s bestselling nonfiction novel tells us the story of wrongful convictions, coerced confessions, and unjust sentences given to two pairs of men for two separate murder cases. Each case takes place in or near the town of Ada, Oklahoma, making these two cases extremely important to each other when we look at the background and details of each.




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Without giving away any spoilers, all we can say that each pair of men charged for each brutal murder had been served a huge injustice as many details of the case began to leak out. Mismatching DNA, coercion, and many other factors put more and more pressure on each case, making it a dream for true crime lovers.


The Innocent Man was released on Netflix today and is now ready to be queued and watched by all! Be sure to leave comments on what you thought of the first episodes of this six-part series/documentary. And for more news on any books or adaptations, be sure to follow Bookstr!




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