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John Green’s Book Tour Is Headed Your Way!

Are you a John Green follower and reader? If yes, then listen up.


Bestselling author John Green, accompanied by his brother Hank Green, will be peddling his new novel across the United States this October. The expectations are building for the author’s long-awaited return. 


Turtles All The Way Down

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Releasing October 10th, Turtles All the Way Down is about sixteen-year-old Aza trying to be her best self while also investigating the millionaire fugitive, Russell Pickett. With her best friend in tow, their investigation teaches Aza the true trials of life, friendship, and herself. 


For the latest details, fans have been turning to the author’s podcast which he started with his brother Hank back in 2015. He even gave fans a sneak peak by reading the first chapter in one of his videos. But if you haven’t heard yet, you should know that Green will be signing 200,000 copies for US and Canada. Oh yes, it’s true.


Check here for the latest details and to pre-order your own signed copy and take a look at all the book tour appearances!


John Green’s next stop could be near you. 


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