John Green To Release New Book Later This Year

Six years after the monumental success of his sixth novel The Fault in Our Stars, John Green is finally releasing a fresh story into the world. Green announced the good news via Twitter:



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According to publisher Dutton Books, Turtles concerns the life of Aza Holmes, a 16-year old girl navigating the disappearance of a billionaire, “lifelong friendship, the intimacy of an unexpected reunion, Star Wars fan fiction, and tuatara”, all while dealing with the struggles mental illness. The subject matter is deeply personal for Green, who has lived for years with obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety. “This is my first attempt to write directly about the kind of mental illness that has affected my life since childhood,” he said.





The humorous title originates from an anecdote about the inscrutability of the universe, in which a lecture attendee insists to a professor that the earth rests on the back of a giant turtle and that it’s “turtles all the way down” from there on.


The novel, to be released in October, is already available for pre-order through its publisher and Amazon.



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