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John Green Is Promoting Cellphone-Sized Books!

One of the world’s most popular YA novelists John Green has agreed to be the test dummy for a new book design. Seen mostly throughout Europe, Flipback books make reading as easy as using your phone. 


The way a Flipback is designed allows for readers to flip the pages up instead of across. Penguin Young Readers development of the horizontal book may seem weird to many people but Green makes sure to let his loyal readers know that,  “It really only takes a second to get used to,” he says. “I’m shocked by how readable they are.”



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According to the Washington Post, Green said he first witnessed Flipbacks also known as Dwarsliggers, in the Netherlands. In 2009, Dutch publisher Royal Jongbloed developed the new way of reading, which has made reading in buses and trains easier for people. This portable book is chucky but filled with thin pages. The special pages are similar to those of the Bible. In order to bring Flipbacks to North America Penguin Books decided to work with Jongbloed.

The process of making the horizontal books have been kind of difficult, say the publishers. Making decisions on how large the print should be and how many lines should be on a single page, has been quite the challenge. Penguin is looking for ways to market the mini books set which will be released on October 23rd. John Green’s first four novels,The Fault in Our Stars, Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns  will be hitting shelves in the new book format, at the market price of $12 each and for the set $48.  John Green’s popularity will surely bring in a wide audience of readers to ensure the success of the changing printing style. If phones are one the biggest distractions maybe making phone shaped books will encourage more reading for a new generation.


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