John Green

John Green Brings Couples Together in Books and IRL!

Last week, John Green did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on reddit, and, naturally, loyal fans asked a bunch of questions. Green answered humbly and efficiently because he is amazing.


One redditor called krschu00 sent his love, writing, “I met my girlfriend 5 years ago in Cincinnati at your book signing. I want to propose now, but don’t know how. Any advice?? See you again soon at Cinci!” What John Green did next was completely unexpected and beautiful, fitting with his nature. He offered to open the floor to the couple, Kenny and Amy, at his book signing in Cincinnati for the proposal to take place! Take a look at the thread below. 


John Green Reddit


The signing is on October 18th. We are hoping Kenny and Amy have a wonderful engagement! Stay tuned for any updates, hopefully with a video of the beautiful event! 


Be sure to check out the full thread to read about his experiences with YA literature, his writing process, and so much more! 


Feature Image Via the Washington Post