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JK Rowling Spotted One Surprising Outcome of Trump’s Charlottesville Response

J.K. Rowling, known for her sassy remarks on Twitter, recently pointed out one surprisingly positive outcome that came from Trump’s divisive comments on Charlottesville: unity in the Middle East.


On Thursday, August 17, Rowling shared a photo of a TV channel broadcast that reads: “Iran and Israel condemn Trump’s Comments.” Though the Middle East showed an unfavorable response towards Trump’s efforts, Rowling commented on the rare occasion that Iran and Israel have come together.


Albeit inadvertently, Trump and his condemnable Charlottesville response enabled an unforeseen union between these two long-time hostile nations. His most recent foreign policy scheme on the consistent feud amongst the Middle East has been sending his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, to the region to engage in peaceful negotiation.


On Wednesday, August 15, Rowling’s Twitter reaction to Trump’s defense of white supremacists displayed a similar style of dry humor.


Even Stephen King dropped his usual tone of mockery and spoke with a greater sense of gravity on this issue.

While King may have earned a place on Trump’s blocked list on Twitter, he never gave up trolling and voicing his opinions.


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