JK Rowling Returns Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award

JK Rowling voiced her very strong opinions back in June about her views on the transgender community,  which are that the gender you’re assigned at birth is the one you are, regardless of how a person truly feels. She received a lot of backlash.

Image via BBC
Stars of the Harry Potter film franchise have spoken out, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint, along with many others. They have all voiced their opinions and how they stand with the transgender community, despite Rowling’s tweets. Now, Rowling has chosen to return her Human rights award to the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Group. According to Rowling, it saddens her that the Kennedy group has sided against her, and despite her feelings towards the person the award is named after, she has no choice but to return the award. She thought it was best, even though some have claimed the organization have asked for the award back, the truth isn’t clear.
Kennedy group have expressed their disappointment with Rowling’s opinions. The award was given to Rowling for her organization Lumos, a charity that helps orphaned children find homes, but, Rowling felt it was only right to return the award. Rowling still claims she stands with the transgender community, but her statements say otherwise.
In any event, she returned the award to stand by her transphobic comments, and hopefully sit won’t be the only consequence of her opinions.
Featured Image via BBC