JK Rowling Isn’t Really Involved in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Game

A new Harry Potter game is coming! Hogwarts Legacy is a new video game by Avalanche Software and Portkey Games, which are products of its parent company, Warner Bros. It is not a new addition to the Wizarding world story, but the game is created based on the stories that have already been told by JK Rowling. However, Rowling isn’t directly involved with the game.

Image via BBC
Back in June, Rowling made some comments that didn’t sit well with fans. Her comments regarding an article about the trans community have led people to believe that she is against the trans community and she is now called a TERF. Due to these comments, fans have distanced themselves from the Harry Potter franchise. Some just can’t separate the content from the creator, but Harry Potter belongs to the fans, regardless of who created it.
Image via BBC
Rowling even has a new book called Troubled Blood, that centers around a man that dresses as a woman to Murder people. Which adds more fuel to the fire and doesn’t help her case. She released a statement back in June defending her comments and saying she isn’t against the trans community but her comments and this new book say otherwise.
Hogwarts Legacy does not involve Rowling but since she created the Wizarding world she will, however, receive royalties. The game is going to be great and as much as people may not want to support Rowling, Harry Potter is still an important part of the book community and those books have touched many lives. Don’t let Rowling take that away from you.
Hogwarts Legacy will be released in 2021 and will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. 
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