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Jewish Rights Group Urges Croatia to Ban Pro-Nazi Book

A Jewish human rights group urged Croatian officials to ban a book that denies crimes committed by Croatia’s pro-Nazi regime during World War II. According to The Seattle Times, Chief Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff informed authorities that The Jasenovac Lie Revealed is being promoted in a Zagreb church later this month.


Zuroff explains the book “denies that mass murders of Serbs, Jews, Roma and Croatian anti-fascists were carried out frequently in the notorious Jasenovac concentration camp.”



jasenovac site

Jasenovac Memorial Site | Image Via Balkan Insight


Historians confirm 83,000 members of these demographics died at the camp between 1941 and 1945. The book falsely claims that Jasenovac was just a labor camp for enemies of the regime, and that the death camp was created by Yugoslav Communists after the war.


Croatia’s center-right authorities have previously faced criticism for their alleged lack of resolve in preventing the resurgence of pro-Nazi sentiments in the country.




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