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‘Jane the Virgin’ Fans, You Can Actually Read Her New Novel

If you haven’t watched and fallen in love with Jane the Virgin yet, I am here to tell you to get on that. I am a committed binge-watcher (what can I say, I need instant gratification) who has decided to watch this show from week to week because it is that good! Do yourself a favor and watch season one through three on Netflix and then catch up to season four’s mid-season finale before it returns on January 26th.


P.S. I just found out that I have to live from December 8th until January 26th with no Jane the Virgin and I am heartbroken. 


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P.P.S. If you have not watched the show you should stop reading because I will be dropping some spoilers. 


Throughout the entire show we have been falling in love with Jane and her belief in the magic of romance coupled with her love of writing. We’ve followed her through her journey from teaching, going to school, working for a publishing house and becoming a published author in episode six of season four. We’ve even met her favorite author Isabele Allende and got a lesson on the shows theme of magical realism in that heartbreaking moment where she cries over Michael’s death in her beloved bookstore. 



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Jane’s book, Snow Falling, has been published by Adams Media in real life to give fans of the show both the ending Michael deserves AND a chance to get closer to our heroine and read the final product of her hard work. Bestselling author Caridad Pineiro wrote the final product which has been published by a branch of Simon and Schuster. The novel follows the scope of the show as it mirrors Jane, Michael, Rafael, and Sin Rostro’s story as it would have been in Miami in 1902. Pineiro wanted to stay as true to the show as possible and listed Jane Gloriana Villanueva as the official author and cited all information about her from the show itself. 


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Oh, and the best part about the book by far is that Michael doesn’t die and he and Jane live happily every after. We miss you Michael! 


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