Jane Austen Spinoffs to Fill Your Void of Mr. Darcy

While we all wish that Jane Austen’s stories went on forever and ever, that is unfortunately not possible. Luckily, many brave authors have attempted to create sequels, spinoffs, and prequels to provide the additional plots Austen fans are craving. While most of these are from spinoffs of Pride and Prejudice, we do mention a great story based on Persuasion and an anthology of short stories related to all Jane Austen novels. We know reading even more about Mr. Darcy is exciting, but try not to get too flustered!

pemberley manorPemberley Manor by Kathryn Nelson

With a subtitle “Darcy and Elizabeth, for better or for worse”, readers can predict that this story will be about the Darcy’s early married life. Picking up right where Pride and Prejudice leaves off, Pemberley Manor is one of the better “sequels” to Austen’s most popular novel. As Elizabeth moves to Pemberley, she learns more of Darcy’s rather dark past and discovers why he was so closed off to others. Changing perspectives from Darcy to Elizabeth, there is also a look into Georgiana Darcy’s life which is refreshing.


searching for captain wentworthSearching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe

A spinoff of Persuasion, modern day aspiring writer Sophie Elliot goes to stay at her family’s home in Bath—right next door to where Jane Austen lived. After meeting a peculiar neighbor, Sophie is transported back in time to Regency Bath. There she must deal with this odd line between two realities, and perhaps meet her own Captain Wentworth. While not a direct sequel to Persuasion in any way, this is a great novel that really confronts the decisions you might make when faced with something many readers have always wanted—to live in Jane Austen’s time.


death comes to pemberleyDeath Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James

An interesting, but very popular, take on Pride and Prejudice spinoffs, Death Comes to Pemberley picks up six years after Darcy and Elizabeth’s marriage. They have lived a happy and peaceful life in the company of Jane, Bingley, and Georgiana. However, on the eve of their autumn ball, the disgraced Lydia Bennett arrives screaming that Wickham has been murdered in the woods. A scandal then breaks out and it’s up to members of Pemberley to determine what is going on. As a bonus, the thrilling spinoff also just premiered as two part series on PBS!


jane austen made me do itJane Austen Made Me Do It edited by Laurel Ann Nattress

This delightful collection of stories contains twenty-four authors’ take on Jane Austen’s classic tales. From Lauren Willig’s “A Night at Northanger” about a girl who doesn’t believe in ghosts, to Janet Mullany’s “Jane Austen, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” in which a school teacher gets her students to understand Sense and Sensibility with help from The Beatle’s songs, there is something for every Austen lovers taste.



the pemberley chroniclesThe Pemberley Chronicles by Rebecca Ann Collins

Like many sequels, The Pemberley Chronicles picks up where Austen left off. Rebecca Ann Collins adds to the series by including the social and political history of the nineteenth century into the lives of those at Pemberley. While Austen did not do anything like this in her novels, it creates a more realistic nineteenth century England. Don’t get us wrong, nothing will ever beat the wonder that is Jane Austen—but it is also good to understand the historical events that would have been happening at that time. It’s the first in a series of many by Collins, so be sure to check them all out!


an assembly such as thisAn Assembly Such as This: A Novel of Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman by Pamela Aiden

Have you ever wanted to know what Darcy was actually thinking? Of course you have. Although this might not be what he was actually thinking–it’s sadly not written by Austen–Pamela Aiden takes a pretty good stab at it. Darcy’s hidden perspective throughout Pride and Prejudice is revealed as his unwilling attraction to Elizabeth grows, he tries to fend off Miss Bingley’s advances, and he experiences concern for the relationship between Elizabeth and Wickham. This eye-opening read is part of the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy. The second book reveals Darcy’s “private struggle” in the Pride and Prejudice in which he is away from Elizabeth, and the third book completes the story after Darcy is rejected by Elizabeth and after some soul-searching becomes the kind of man he’s always wanted to be. Needless to say, readers will absolutely go crazy for this.

mr. darcy's daughtersMr. Darcy’s Daughters by Elizabeth Aston

If you’re interested in knowing how the Darcy children turn out—here’s your chance! Picking up twenty years after Pride and Prejudice left off, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth now have five daughters. The books follows the daughter’s escapades as they leave Pemberley and travel to London when Elizabeth and Darcy go to Constantinople. An older Miss Bingley (now married!), Aunt Lydia (can you imagine?), and the Gardiners also make appearances.



wickham's diaryWickham’s Diary by Amanda Grange

We were just as skeptical of this choice as you are. However, Amanda Grange’s series of diaries, which include characters like Mr. Darcy, Colonel Brandon, and Captain Wentworth, provide and interesting view of the men featured in Austen’s novels. While most consider Wickham to be a villain, this novel shows more aspects to the character than we first saw in Pride and Prejudice. Don’t worry—Wickham does not come off as innocent, but it does help explain why he became the way he was.


a season of courtshipDarcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship by Sharon Lathan

Described as the “prequel to the sequel”, this book fills in the gaps during Darcy and Elizabeth’s initial engagement before being wed. Her first book in The Darcy Saga starts on the happy couple’s wedding day, so this “prequel” catches readers up on everything that was missed. Questions surrounding their engagement are answered by the creative author, and character’s loose ends are tied up. This is definitely one you’ll want to check out if you’re wondering how Darcy and Elizabeth got to the alter.


georgiana's diaryGeorgiana Darcy’s Diary by Anna Elliott

Another diary, written by a different author, follows Darcy’s sister Georgiana’s journey. Although Georgiana is happy to live at Pemberley with her brother and his new bride, she also wants to find love for herself. With her overbearing aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, constantly lining up suitors, Georgiana will have to decipher those who seek her fortune from those she could love. This is a great chance to understand a less prominent character from Pride and Prejudice.

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