Jane Austen Mugs for Fall Weather

I love coffee, but tea is high on my list too. It’s blustery out there, my scarf is wrapped tight, and when I get home, I like to warm up my chilly hands with a nice cup o’ something. 

If you collect mugs and love Jane Austen, then I’ve got the perfect thing. You guessed it: Jane Austen themed mugs! Because Jane Austen + mugs = happiness.

1) Vintage Jane Austen Mug

$12.50, Etsy


2) Austen Quote Mug

$16, Etsy


3) Jane Austen Quote Mug

$16, Etsy


4) Quotable Mug

$13.95, The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild


5) Pride and Prejudice Mug

$12.86, Etsy


Stock up! Winter is on its way! 



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