Cersei Lannister in prison

Jamie Lannister Tells Us Which ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters He Thinks Would Survive Prison

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Jamie Lannister on Game of Thrones, has been getting a lot of buzz for his new movie Shot Caller. The movie and Coster-Waldau’s performance have been critically praised so far, though his interviews seem to focus on …. something else.



Despite his reportedly stunning performance, Coster-Waldau can’t escape the Game of Thrones questions. Interviewers can’t help but ask him about the HBO series, with interviews now focusing on the question, “Which Game of Thrones characters would survive prison?”



Don’t want to watch? I’ll recap:

  • Jamie Lannister was “locked up for quite some time and he survived. He got out, at one point, and was doing something. He knows violence. He knows how to dish it out. I think he might have a shot.”
  • Jon Snow “would not do very well – he’s a good guy, a really good guy. [Laughs] Well, he is a good fighter.”
  • Daenerys would “sink to the bottom. WIthout her dragons? Not a chance.”
  • Cersei Lannister would “dominate the prison… Everybody knows that. Even in a male prison [laughs].”
  • Bronn? “Bronn would do ok.”


Featured image via HBO.