James Patterson in commercial for 'The Store'

James Patterson Goes After Amazon-Like Company in New Book


Though he won’t say it outright, James Patterson is taking Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos to task in his new book ‘The Store’. Patterson, the best-selling, multi-millionaire author of mystery series like the Alex Cross detective novels and the Women’s Murder Club, said he is not out to get Amazon as much as “this whole area of monopolies and megalomaniacs… techy billionaires who are kind of running the world now.”


The Store cover

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Patterson voiced his displeasure at Amazon’s dominance of the publishing industry, as well as its overtures into supermarket ownership and Bezos’s purchase of major American newspaper the Washington Post. “The next thing it will be the Amazon ‘Squawk Box,'” Patterson quipped.


james patterson

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At the same time, Patterson was careful not to completely bite off the hand that feeds him, acknowledging the company’s role in feeding the profits of his global brand. ‘The Store’, co-written with Richard DiLallo, comes out today; readers can order it on Amazon.



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