James Patterson and Scholastic Are Giving $1.75 Million to U.S. Libraries

The best-selling author has teamed up with the Scholastic Reading Club to deliver new funding to libraries all around the country. The program was first announced back in March, and now Patterson and Scholastic have revealed the first round of lucky libraries.

The 127 libraries receiving grants are a diverse group. From middle schools in the South to a learning center on a South Dakota Indian reservation, the program has managed to touch places of reading and learning all over the country.

Individual grants range between $1,000 and $10,000. $500,000 has already been given out.

Another exciting part of the announcement: the funding has gone up. Scholastic and Patterson originally pledged $1.25 million to the project. That figure is up to $1.75 million, thanks to Patterson’s additional pledge of $250,000. This is actually the second time that Patterson has put down some extra cash on top of his original commitment (the first increase was also $250,000). Patterson is known for his generous contributions to libraries, literacy projects, independent bookstores, and other reading-focused causes.

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