James Comey Offered Whopping $10M Book Deal

Getting fired from his post as Director of the F.B.I. may have been the best thing ever to happen James Comey—financially, that is.


Numerous sources have stated that Comey—whose dramatic testimony on his interactions with President Trump before the Senate Intelligence Committee made waves last week—was offered $10 million by a major New York publisher to write a book covering his entire life, from childhood to his fateful decisions surrounding Hilary Clinton’s e-mail woes and the oval office meetings that led up to his firing.



Image courtesy of Talking Points Memo


In addition to Comey’s recent dealings with the intrigue of presidential politics, the book will also delve into Comey’s early life, particularly a scary crime that Comey fell victim to at age 16, when a man later identified as the notorious ‘Ramsay Rapist’ held the young Comey and his brother at gunpoint, locked them in their own bathroom, and proceeded to ransack their house. Comey cites that night as one of his most important formative experiences.



Image courtesy of NY Daily News


There are even talks of adapting the not yet written book for the silver screen. “He has to be tall, good-looking and a Jimmy Stewart-John Wayne-hero type,” a literary agent reportedly said.


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