J.K. Rowlings Twelve Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Pottermore Christmas have officially come to a close. In case you missed it—here’s a recap of J.K. Rowling’s twelve riddles.

christmas great hall

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Day One

In a house on Spinner’s End a meeting takes place,
A mother begs help for her son, tears on her face.
Agreeing to help, though he doesn’t know how,
Which potions master performs an unbreakable vow?

Day Two

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Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes is a marvellous place
Full of jokes and potions by the box and the case.
The premises are stuffed with people, ready to pop
But on what magical street can you find this fun shop?

Day Three

His potions lessons are full of interesting things
With students keen to see what each day will bring
With his large moustache and rotund shape
Who teaches this class after Professor Snape?

Day Four

In snowy Hogsmeade, there’s a frightening scene,
Four students watch Katie Bell rise and scream,
The Gryffindor student falls victim to a dastardly scheme,
But what position does she play on the Quidditch team?

Day Five

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In an orphanage in London where Tom Riddle resides,
A suited wizard visits him, it’s quite a surprise,
After showing the boy magical tricks of all sorts,
Which future headmaster offers him a place at Hogwarts?

Day Six

With vampires and authors and a gatecrashing Malfoy,
Slughorn’s Christmas party is one for (almost) all to enjoy,
Much to the surprise of fans, friends and the rest,
Which loony Ravenclaw does Harry bring as a guest?

Day Seven

Wilkie Twycross orders students to persevere,
In their futile attempts to turn and disappear,
But regardless of whether the students can do it or not,
What is it called when a wizard appears on the spot?

Day Eight

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Courtesy of WordPress

In the pensieve Harry sees a gold and emerald locket,
Which a young Tom Riddle sincerely wishes to pocket,
But which serpentine member of the Hogwarts founders four
Did the ornate necklace belong to in days of yore?

Day Nine

There is a secret room used by Dumbledore’s Army,
Concealed opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy,
But what do students call this mysterious place
That on the Marauder’s Map leaves no trace?

Day Ten

In the cave when Harry and Dumbledore try to escape,
They are surrounded by zombie-like monsters from the lake,
But can you remember the name of these creatures,
Who have white cloudy eyes and corpse-like features?

Day Eleven

Death Eaters gather on the Astronomy Tower,
Keen to rid Dumbledore of his life and power.
But which student masterminded this plot with precision,
In order to fulfill the Dark Lord’s terrible mission?

Day Twelve

Courtesy of Harry Potter Wikia

Courtesy of Harry Potter Wikia

The funeral of a beloved headmaster and teacher,
Brought tears of sadness from each man and creature,
But can you recall as best as you can,
The first name of this great man?


SPOILER: Answers below.

1.)    Severus Snape

2.)    Diagon Alley

3.)    Professor Slughorn

4.)    Chaser

5.)    Professor Dumbledore

6.)    Luna Lovegood

7.)    Apparition

8.)    Salazar Slytherin

9.)    The Room of Requirement

10.) Inferi

11.) Draco Malfoy

12.) Albus

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