J.K. Rowling’s New Website Goes Live

Wohoooo! Maybe you’ve already heard, but J.K. Rowling launched her official website! went live on Tuesday and was announced through Rowling’s Twitter page. Not only does this website provide important FAQ from Rowling’s work, but it keeps us up to date on all Rowling (and even Robert Galbraith) news. Included on the website is also a list of charities that Rowling runs and contributes to.

This site is literally where you want to go for all Rowling related news…besides her Twitter page of course! The site crashed, momentarily, to which Rowling Tweeted:

We’ve already learned some interesting facts about Fantastic Beasts:

“3. Why couldn’t Newt use ‘Accio’ to retrieve all his beasts?

‘Accio’ only works on inanimate objects. While people or creatures may be indirectly moved by ‘Accio-ing’ objects that they are wearing or holding, this carries all kinds of risks because of the likelihood of injury to the person or beast attached to an object travelling at close to the speed of light.”


Head over to and explore for yourself! 




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