JK Rowling and Harvey Weinstein

J. K. Rowling Weighs in on Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Rarely one to stay silent on issues of gender equality, J. K. Rowling has weighed in on the Harvey Weinstein scandal that is dominating the news. As more and more women come out about negative experiences at the hands of the movie producer, Rowling retweeted former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka, who said, “Think: If Weinstein had obeyed [vice president Mike Pence’s] rules for meeting with the opposite sex, none of those poor women would ever have been abused.” Pence reportedly won’t even eat a meal alone with any woman other than his wife, Karen.


Rowling, however, does not condone this weird rule, commenting “if the only thing preventing a man committing sexual assault is the presence of witnesses, he’s too dangerous to be at liberty.”



An astonishing number of high profile actresses have said that Weinstein sexually harrassed or assaulted them, from Jamie Lee Curtis and Angelina Jolie to Cara Delevigne and Léa Seydoux. Kate Beckinsale is the latest celebrity to speak out. 


Featured Image Via Daily Mirror and Variety