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J.K. Rowling Visited a Bookstore and Things Got Awkward

J.K. Rowling recently visited a second-hand bookstore and things quickly became awkward upon running across an unexpected find. Naturally, she took to Twitter to describe her experience and share her thoughts on it.



Rowling posted an image of a bookstore shelf she came across during her visit and, to her surprise, it threw a somewhat subtle jab at the Harry Potter author.






As her post shows, one bookshelf was labeled, “Books you need to buy so you can say ‘I should read that next’ before re-reading Harry Potter.” The unidentified bookstore may have put the label up as a joke or perhaps as a response to the overwhelming amount of customers who hurried into the shop to buy books in the Harry Potter series. Either way, Rowling didn’t seem too impressed and neither did her followers.







In the midst of the support Rowling received from her followers, one dedicated fan in particular offered her support by showing the length of her love for Harry Potter.








With supportive (and crafty) fans like those, I’m sure any snub is just water under the bridge.




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