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J.K. Rowling Surprises Broke Dad Who Used Harry Potter to Bond With His Daughter

Harry Potter has been the phenomenon that has brought together communities of fans, friends, and families and no one knows that better than single dad Matt Burke.


In a personal essay published on Medium, Burke reflected on how the Harry Potter books allowed him to bond with his nine-year-old daughter. Due to the financial stresses Burke and his daughter have faced, including times in which Burke had to forgo his own dinner in order to feed his daughter, they haven’t been able to afford many extravagant activities to bond over. Through their mutual love of reading and the discovery of the Harry Potter series, the two were able to find a special activity to bring them together.


“[It] has led us to some absolutely incredible times, even better conversations, as well as memories that I wouldn’t change for the world,” Burke said.


Though Burke admitted that he was hesitant to read Harry Potter as an adult, his daughter’s fascination with Hogwarts was enough to convince him to begin the series together and the pair has since had an “absolute blast” reading the books. He shared his appreciation on Twitter and thanked Rowling for giving him the chance to bond with his daughter. In a lovely turn of events, Rowling responded with an incredibly kind offer.




While we’re sure Rowling has encountered stories similar to Burke’s, his heart-wrenching tale is particularly touching.





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