J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Twitter Feud

Things are heating up on Twitter between author J.K. Rowling and British journalist/television personality Piers Morgan. The two shared a few digs back and forth before Rowling delivered the final blow, ending the bickering, at least for now.

On the television show Real Time with Bill Maher, guest commenter and Australian comedian Jim Jefferies called out Morgan for refusing to call President Donald Trump’s travel ruling a Muslim ban, and disagreeing with Morgan’s political stance. After the video was shared on Twitter, Rowling tweeted her approval of Jefferies’ rant saying that the comments aimed at Morgan were “as satisfying as [she’d] always imagined.”

Morgan responded by saying that he has never read her Harry Potter series, prompting some nasty back and forth between the two on their social media. Finally, Rowling silenced the feud with a screenshot of an old BBC article about Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, her sixth book in the series, beating out Morgan’s autobiography as the book of the year at the British Book Awards.



Morgan should have known that’s what happens when you have magic on your side. 


Featured image courtesy of Time.