J.K. Rowling Posts Rejection Letters to Inspire Other Writers

If at first you don’t succeed… you might be like J.K. Rowling. The Harry Potter author, who is among the wealthiest and most respected writers on the planet, took to Twitter recently to share rejection letters that she’s gotten over the years.

It all started when J.K. Rowling responded to an aspiring writer who had recently dealt with rejection:

The mention of J.K. Rowling’s rejection slips piqued other fans’ interest, and soon Twitter users were asking her to post images of the letters. Rowling obliged.

The Robert Galbraith novels have gone on to be bestsellers, so the joke was on these unlucky publishers – particularly one unnamed publisher that passed on both the Galbraith novels and Harry Potter!

So how did J.K. Rowling keep her motivation through all of this rejection? She shared that secret, too:

It’s pretty incredible that even an author like Rowling, whose Harry Potter franchise made her the richest author in history for a time, has a healthy collection of rejection slips. It’s a valuable lesson to writers everywhere. Don’t give up – your book could be the next big thing!