J.K. Rowling is the Anti-Mansplaining Crusader We Deserve

In an era of female empowerment and cultural reflection on gender inequality, women are fighting back against condescending male voices. Our favorite author known for her depiction of strong female literary figures has stepped up to the plate once again.


J.K. Rowling defended a first-time author whose book announcement on Twitter was overshadowed by a condescending male Twitter user who epitomized “mansplaining,” or explaining something to someone, typically a woman, in a condescending or patronizing manner.


Laura Kalbag, author of “Accessibility For Everyone” shared the news of the upcoming release of her debut book last week.



While some fellow Twitter users responded with congratulations (as is the socially respectable response), Erik Spiekermann responded by downplaying Kalbag’s achievements.


Actually, you wrote a text. It took a few other people & skills to make that into a book.

— erik spiekermann (@espiekermann) August 18, 2017


Pointing out the “incorrect” term ‘Book’, Spiekermann educated Kalbag on the fact that she alone didn’t write a book as editors, bounders, and more had a hand in producing the piece.



Other users, notably our girl J.K. reassured Kalbag that she did in fact write a book and needn’t apologize.


In addition to Rowling, critically acclaimed feminist writer Roxane Gay, who just released “Hunger,” also offered words of support to Kalbag.



Many users called out Spiekermann for his mansplaining and inappropriate timing of his response.





He eventually apologized to Kalbag and deleted his original comment. Though he changed his perspective or at least appeared too in the face of overwhelming criticism, his mansplaing still stepped on Kalbag’s career huge moment.


Writing a book is a huge accomplishment and announcing it to the world is a special moment for an author. Having someone step on that moment, especially someone who is wrong nonetheless, is a dreadful experience. Kalbag’s positivity through it all and the support she garnered from the Twitter community especially published writer’s offers a positive ending.


Featured image courtesy of The Independent