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J.K. Rowling Destroys Twitter Troll Over Sexist Remark

Things did not go as planned for English Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday.


After calling an impromptu election to increase the Conservative Party’s majority in the British parliament, May and the Conservatives faced a disastrous loss. While she holds a number of controversial opinions about the future of Britain and has received backlash for those opinions, many continue to comment on her gender, showing that being a woman in politics, regardless of political stance, is incredibly tough. On Twitter, some trolls reacted to the election by ignoring May’s politics, and calling her sexist names.


Coming to her defense, J.K. Rowling (who has been known to support the liberal party) took to Twitter to argue against gender inequality and the general response to women who decide to share their opinions openly. She specifically targeted men who claim to be liberal but consistently use gender as a platform to attack women’s opinions.


Rowling began her 14-tweet rant with this:









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Rowling goes on to discuss the dangers of resorting to sexism, and the hypocrisy of claiming to be liberal while using demeaning and destructive language towards women. We love that—regardless of political association—J.K. Rowling remains a true feminist.


To read the rest of the tweets, check out J.K. Rowling’s twitter.



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