Rowling Otters

J.K. Rowling Asks Twitter To Talk About Something OTTER Than Politics

We all have down days where everything seems to go wrong; from arriving to the train platform just to see your train roll by to being yelled at by your boss all because you arrived three hours late (news flash, Tim, not everyone is a morning person, ok?)


On those days, it seems like all that comforts us (besides a good book and Ben & Jerry’s) are videos and photos of adorable animals. And we certainly aren’t the only ones.


J.K. Rowling proved that even celebrities can find some comfort in animals. After expressing her frustration at the “incompetent clowns in power” on Twitter, Rowling asked users to help her curb her depression by sending pictures of sea otters. Honestly, we aren’t sure why we didn’t think of this first.


Here’s how Twitter responded:





Adorable animal pictures are sure to make anyone’s day brighter. The overwhelming response seems to have worked as Rowling sent the following Tweet afterwards. If we’re being honest, it was a win-win for everyone.




Featured image courtesy of @TheWizzardd (Twitter)/Filmmagic