J.K Rowling Among Authors Helping Fund ‘The Good Immigrant’

Once again, crowdfunding prevails! The Good Immigrant, an anthology to be edited by Nikesh Shukla, will be composed of essays on race and immigration written by 15 British black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) writers. According to the project’s funding page on Unbound, the anthology will examine “why we come here, why we stay, what it means for our identity if we’re mixed race, where our place is in the world if we’re unwelcome in the UK, and what effects this has on the education system.”

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Nikesh Shukla also wrote, “I’ve [sic] been shouting about the need for more BAME voices for so long on Twitter, I’m glad I can finally do something about it.” J.K. Rowling, who pledged £5,000 towards The Good Immigrant, undoubtedly agrees with Shukla, evident in her tweet:

Shukla attributed the fast response not only to J.K Rowling and authors such as David Nicholls, Jonathan Coe, and Evie Wyld who also contributed to his project, but to the growing desire for diverse voices in publications as well.  Shukla asserted; “If we can make positive steps to increase BAME representation, then we can start to look at other hidden inequalities,” and create a world with more inclusive books for all readers. 

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