J.J. Abrams’ ‘Spider-Man’ Comic Opens With A Shocking Twist

Any J.J. Abrams project is going to be full of surprises. Whether it’s television shows like Lost or films like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, there’s always something unexpected when it comes to Abrams’ storytelling. Now, his signature style has extended into the Marvel universe.

This week saw the release of Spider-Man #1, the first issue in a new limited series co-written by Abrams and his son Henry. The first issue not only introduces readers with a new villain, but also opens with the shocking death of a beloved character.





A grown-up Peter Parker faces off against new villain Cadaverous, and it does not go well: His arm is severely wounded, most of Brooklyn has been destroyed, and his wife Mary Jane gets killed right in the opening pages.


Image Via Polygon


Fast forward twelve years later, Peter has lost his arm and has retired from being Spider-Man to raise his son, Ben Parker. Only after discovering that Ben has spider-like powers like his father, does Aunt May gives him Peter’s old spider suit and encourage him to become a hero.



Abrams’ Spider-Man is a big step away from the traditional webslinger stories that we are used to, but if the first chapter is any indication, Spider-Man fans are in for something truly intense should they choose to stick with the new series.

Will you be picking up Spider-Man #1?



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