Ivanka Trump’s Tweet Inspires Us to Save Libraries

This week is National Library Week! If you have a library in your town or neighborhood, you know how important they are. They help spread literacy, give people access to free material, offer computer services, activities for children and so much more.

All over the world, we celebrate the libraries that have helped our communities and the librarians who have worked hard for them- especially during National Library Week. 

To spread awareness for libraries, Ivanka Trump tweeted the following:

Seems harmless, right? Many would commend her for celebrating libraries and librarians while encouraging people to do the same. However, people soon came to share some facts about her father’s policies. 

To be clear, Donald Trump doesn’t have total power over the budget. It’s up to the House of Representatives. So rather than bashing the President’s daughter on her tweet; you can take action. You can help bring awareness to how these policies and the defunding of libraries would negatively impact libraries and the good of the community. If you want to make a difference, trolling on twitter may not get much done- but a phone call to your local congressman could make a difference.

Make sure to call your local congressman and tell them to save the libraries! 



Featured image courtesy of Daily Mail