It’s Star Wars, For Children!

Star Wars has solidified itself as one of the most loved science fiction fantasies of all time. Achieving progressive ideals (female lead, followed by a black male supporting actor) in their latest movie Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens, the series triumphantly made itself relevant in our ever changing cultural climate. The series is loved by, almost, everybody and is now entering a new realm of storytelling, children’s books!

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The “I Am” series is titled based on which Star Wars character is focused on. For example, the first two books of the series are I Am a Droid and I am a Jedi. These short, 24-page stories are simple narratives that are designed to introduce children ages 2-5 to the most epic space drama. 

The next book in the series will be I Am a Princess. Anybody paying attention to how women are depicted in media will certainly have an opinion on how princesses are portrayed to children. Considering the franchise’s recent success in featuring Rey as the main character of Episode VII, there is no doubt that they will succeed in breaking the traditional damsel in distress stereotype.

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For anybody who wants to get their child into the wonderful world of Star Wars at a young age, this series is definitely the way to go. Heck, I may even pick up the series myself!

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