It’s Official: Omegaverse Has Hit the Silver Screen

There is officially a TV show that centers on the omegaverse. Does the premiere of this new show mark a new era in mainstream media?

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Promotional image from Thai series "Pit Babe."

Last Friday, November 16th, marked the premiere of the first omegaverse TV show. The show, Pit Babe, is a Thai series about an alpha named Charlie who strikes a deal with alpha racecar driver Babe to get a car of his own. 

Check out the official trailer for the series below:

Viewers outside of Thailand can watch Pit Babe on iQIYI’s website, where the series premiere is currently free to watch.

The show releases a new episode every Friday on the Thai television channel GMM One, making it the first show based on alpha/beta/omega relationships and the first occurrence of Omegaverse outside of streaming-exclusive content.

What is Omegaverse?

Omegaverse started as a sub-genre of erotic fan fiction that evolved into the larger sub-genre of erotic speculative fiction that revolves around alpha/beta/omega (A/B/O) dynamics. 

Given the fictional nature of the sub-genre, depictions of Omegaverse can vary from author to author. However, the basis of the alternate reality originates from humans using a dominance hierarchy, a type of biological hierarchy that determines how animals interact. “Alphas” are naturally dominant, “betas” are naturally neutral, and “omegas” are naturally submissive, each classification (sometimes referred to as “secondary gender”) having their own biological traits that impact relationships and social roles.

Since its creation, numerous Omegaverse stories have been produced, but the story attributed to the origin of the sub-genre focused on a relationship between a male Alpha and a male Omega, a dynamic that has become the most popular within Omegaverse stories. As the sub-genre grew and authors began mixing dynamics, such as alpha/alpha or omega/omega, many have come to see Omegaverse as another medium to explore queerness and identity in relationships.

Pit Babe and Boy Love

Pit Babe is just one of many Boy Love series coming out of non-Western countries. Boy Love (BL) is a genre of romance that focuses specifically on relationships between two men. The style and tone of BL shows can range from comedic to dramatic and historical to contemporary.

Pit Babe poster, two male protagonists embracing before a race car on a track.

BL is also a genre that seems to specifically exist in Asian countries, with some of the most popular shows coming out of South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. These shows, while having a large fanbase in their own countries, garner a large international following. This could be because many BL shows, including Pit Babe, are adapted from web novels.

A positive reception to Pit Babe could mean more Omegaverse content in the future. Western authors have already started introducing sub-genres in traditional publishing, so it’s possible that a successful television series will amplify the need for more Omegaverse stories across all mediums.

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