It’s National Poem In Your Pocket Day and It’s Time to Celebrate!

Everyone halt everything you’re doing right now! Check your pockets. You’ll probably find some lint, some change, and that crumpled up fortune from your Chinese food lunch the other day. While that’s all well and good, today’s an even better day to check your pockets for something special.


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


As part of National Poetry Month, April 26th has become Poem in Your Pocket Day and we are all for it. Simply pick your favorite poem, fold it up and tuck it away in your pocket, then share it with your class, at work, friends… basically anyone you want! Tag it on social media using #pocketpoem. I think it’s a beautiful thing, if you really want to know someone, really get to know them, then just read the poetry they love. It says more than you think!
The national day first came about in 2002 through the Mayor’s Office in New York City partnering with the Department of Cultural Affairs and Education. It’s a good way to see through the eyes of different people in your community as well as gain an interest in literature and poetry. Thanks to the Academy of American Poets in 2008, this poetic celebration is now running across the country, even in Canada!


So pick a poem, empty a pocket, and check out this link on how you can take part for your day.


Featured Image Via Carleton College